"I had been suffering from severe migraines and constant neck pain, I was getting little to no relief from the prescribed medications and didn't like taking pills. After treatment with Dr. Spence I feel healthier than I can ever remember. I have more energy, get up earlier, work later, and enjoy my family like I am supposed to!" - E. Putnam


"The pain was intense in my left shoulder, neck and back, I even had radiation into my left arm. Dr. Spence was recommended by a friend, he and his staff are very friendly and compassionate. After treatments, I am now totally pain free. Dr. Spence's treatments are the best thing I could have done for myself." - S. Lucy


"I had a pinched sciatic nerve (disc injury) and severe lower back pain. The pain was going all the way down my left leg, I had been seeing another chiropractor and not gettting any results, that is when a couple of my neighbors recommended this office. My condition is now improved 100%, I have no more back or leg pain/numbness. I would absolutely recommend this office." - K. Bishop


With more than 9 years suffering from back pain I thought I would never do things that I used to. I had seen several orthopedic doctors, went to back school and 2 acupuncturists, all who couldn't do anything for my back pain. My life was miserable until I met Dr. Spence at my church. After his treatments I feel great. I can now tie my shoe laces, bend over to pick things up, and do the things I couldn't do for so many years. Dr Spence clearly explained everything before he did each treatment and relieved me from the doubt and nervousness I had about treatment." - D. Cerillo


"After my car accident Dr. Spence was highly recommended by my aunt who had great results with his office after her accident. At first I was nervous, but soon I began feeling much better. I would recommend my chiropractor to anyone sick or in pain. Dr. Spence has made me feel great again." - C. Lopez